What We Offer

We are a digital platform that helps high-achieving women to connect with each other with the goal of career growth and providing a support system. We also connect employers with candidates coming back from a career break for full time, part time or project-basis employment.

We’re all in this together. At different stages of the circle, but all somewhere there. Join this rich and diverse community which can help you achieve your goals here.

Support groups

Membership provides access to support groups which are called Acts. Reach out to like-minded women in a secure and non-judgmental space and speak.

Offer advice, seek help or advice, share a story, or sound an idea in the community.

12 Week Customized Mentoring Program

Who it is for

Our structured mentoring program is for women who seek guidance and mentoring with career, family or other issues. Benefit from the wealth of experience of highly accomplished professionals who are genuinely committed to paying it forward.

What it is

8 hours of mentoring with your lead mentor.

4 hours of goal setting, tracking, mapping and assessments with our team at My Second Act.

What it does

The program reacquaints returning professional women with current trends at the workplace along with sound advice and guidance, identifying future career prospects, tracking progress and more.

To sign up for our mentoring program (as a mentor or mentee), email us at info@mysecondact.in.

12 Week Customized Coaching Program

Who it is for

For women who face specific issues while seeking to return to work after a break or who have already returned to work.

What it is

6 hours of mentoring with your lead coach.

4 hours of goal setting, tracking, mapping and assessments with our team at My Second Act.

What it does

Within the first few sessions, the endeavour is to help members identify their specific goals and through the program be placed in a position to achieve them.

To sign up for our coaching program, email us at info@mysecondact.in.

Career Resources

We also provide various other services which are open to everyone, not just women returning to work after a break. This includes men too! For a small fee we undertake the following services. These are not industry or experience specific and can be availed of by anyone.

  • CV Editing
  • Resume writing can become stressful especially when it needs to be tailored to specific formats and we understand that. We will rewrite and edit your resume as per your requirements. Write to us at info@mysecondact.in to find out more.
  • Pitch Consultation
  • Have a big pitch at work and want to run it by someone? We will put you in touch with the correct person for a one-time consultation. All the people we collaborate with have stellar credentials and professional backgrounds so you will be in safe hands and get valuable insights, inputs and advice. Write to us at info@mysecondact.in to find out more.
  • Interview Preparation
  • Have a big ticket interview and need some confidence building exercises? We have professionals who collaborate with us to do mock interviews and run-throughs so you are prepped, ready and confident on the big day. Write to us at info@mysecondact.in to find out more.

We can drive change only together.

Life experience matters.

Parenting significantly augments a skill-set.

There should never be a motherhood penalty.

Own your choices.

Let's be the best versions of ourselves.