What a brilliant idea this is! In my profession, I see so many women not returning to work after taking a break because they may need to go down a role or are looking for more balanced hours. The biggest problem is that there is no one to speak to. I think My Second Act may be the answer to some of these!

– Rashmi Pradeep, Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Shroff

After my first child I went back to work in 7 months and continued to forge ahead with my career as a management consultant. However, after the second child the it was much harder to return back. I did attempt switching roles to a less travel intensive one, but there was nothing satisfactory. My younger one was 3 and the idea of not getting back to work was starting to scare me. My support ‘Act’ at My Second Act was invaluable with the comfort and trust that it came with. I got some invaluable advice and fantastic leads. As a result of the networking, I now consult part time with a boutique education consulting firm

– Anita Shah

This is a fabulous and much needed platform which resonates personally with me since I took time off after my kids! Given today’s mindset when dealing with career breaks among women, My Second Act is truly bringing forth a much needed change when it comes to career reinvention!

– Roochi Tripathy, Partner, Verus Advocates

We can drive change only together.

Life experience matters.

Parenting significantly augments a skill-set.

There should never be a motherhood penalty.

Own your choices.

Let's be the best versions of ourselves.