Where will you be a year from now?

So much can happen in a year. Ordinary people leading sedentary lives have trained for and run full marathons, converted hobbies to win television contracts and converted a simple idea into a successful startup and got it off the ground.

January arrives with the same fanfare every year. We promise ourselves that this is going to be our year. Everything is bright, warm and fuzzy. Soon weeks turn into months and another year has passed. So, whether it is January now, or not. It doesn’t matter.

Working to be better everyday, updating our skills and staying relevant while juggling a busy life is no mean feat. We get that.

So today, think about where you will be a year from now? How are you going to get there?
Set a goal for a year from now and let’s work at it backwards.


  1. Honour the year past – jot down incidents into the following categories – successes, failures, surprises and anything that needed gratitude!
  2. Focus on the year ahead – jot down anything you need to put behind you, anything that scares you, one big thing you want to accomplish in the year ahead and whatever you are grateful for.
  3. Summarize – Condense this information into an inspiring statement and let that become your affirmation for the year ahead.

If you have trouble assessing yourself or setting your goals, we are here to help! Write to us at info@mysecondact.in anytime!

Above all, promise yourself to have the best year starting today and trust us you will!

This is your Second Act. Let’s begin.


Aparna and Gauri