What types of women are members of My Second Act?

Members at My Second Act have one thing in common: they’re driven to invest in themselves and in other women. Though they span various industries and experience levels, they have been to elite institutions in India and around the world and have worked for leading companies in their fields. Many are Ivy League educated but one common thing to all our members is that they bring to the table a sense of purpose, integrity and the desire to excel.

Can everyone become a member?

Membership is curated using in-house parameters that evaluate candidates on the basis of educational and psychological background.

Do all members need to have experienced motherhood?

No. My Second Act is a platform for all women who have taken a career break for personal reasons, whatever they may be.

Is My Second Act focused on a specific industry or experience level?

My ​Second Act is designed to provide a diverse, cross-industry community for women to lean on and learn from​. Our ideology is based on the fact that opportunities for networking, education, and business development are strengthened when women from different backgrounds interact, exchange ideas and have a variety of experiences to draw on.

I ’m so busy with my career and family - I don’t have time to network.

​Networking typically conjures up images of coffee mornings or awkward networking events. This is not what we are. My Second Act gives you the opportunity to grow your network proactively in a community by joining support groups online. Our success stories are based on the principle of “paying it forward”. If you are pressed for time, get onto our virtual networking events. Join a group, ask for or offer help in the community. ​Our members lead busy lives filled with commitments, and My ​Second Act is a great way to carve out time to efficiently invest in yourself. A few purposeful hours every week is a non-stressful but important investment in your career.

How is confidentiality maintained on My Second Act?

With respect to the support groups (Acts), the only time that a candidate’s actual educational and professional background is mentioned is during the application and vetting process. This information is only available to the Administrators and is kept strictly confidential. After the registration process is complete, we recommend members use any name other than their real name or their initials for their login. This is to ensure confidentiality is maintained during group interactions. Of course, once members become comfortable they can either enter into a private conversation or take the conversation offline!

How is it different to networking on LinkedIn and other networking sites?

My Second Act is about finding and beginning your own next Act. It is not about playing the waiting game and waiting for people to accept requests, etc. You throw your questions out to the community with the goal of finding a pool of people that can resonate with your particular circumstances at the moment. And receive lots of invaluable ideas, resources for your career and life!

We can drive change only together.

Life experience matters.

Parenting significantly augments a skill-set.

There should never be a motherhood penalty.

Own your choices.

Let's be the best versions of ourselves.