Fake It Till You Make It

Nov 24, 2017

You really are awesome. Maybe not feeling it so much after a break? Then fake it till you make it. And know that you are not alone in feeling like this.

Last week The Second Act moderated a networking event for young women from elite Management and Law Schools who had taken career breaks for personal reasons. The women were strong, multi-talented and had advanced degrees from the best institutions. All in all, fabulous women who any company or organization would be lucky to have.

A recurring issue that came up was confidence and a chronic underration of capability. Research shows that confidence starts to significantly decrease with a gap of as little as one year!

At The Second Act, we have learned that building a supportive network and paying that forward plays a huge role in successfully getting back to work. So remember – you are not alone. Opting out and struggling to get back in is something that has great resonance with a lot of women and it’s only a matter of finding your tribe. Getting back to work after a break is not an insurmountable obstacle. One of our mentors took a break for over fifteen years and has been mega-successful after getting back to work!

Build your tribe. Start an Act here or join an Act here.

This is your Second Act. Let’s begin.