Everything Takes Time

Nov 17, 2017

Aparna and I met this accomplished young woman at our local coffee shop where she sought us out for advice since she was now thinking of getting back to work. She took a break to start a family, her kids are now in school and she was comfortable with the idea of getting back to full-time work again.

During our conversation, she mentioned how she had just begun her search for jobs and was looking into full-time positions, trying to expand her network and at the same time was applying for a couple of coveted returnship programs. I happened to mention in passing that this plan was ambitious and could easily take upto twelve to eighteen months. Needless to say, the timeline hadn’t really occurred to her. Both Aparna and I were shocked that she found this shocking.

So let’s talk about timelines. Realistic timelines.

Searching for jobs takes time. Expanding your network takes time. Reviving old contacts and scheduling meetings takes time. All of this while juggling other parts of our lives, takes time. What we think should take three months can take six months or upto a year. It is just nicer and makes things easier long-term to know this when you start.

At The Second Act, we know information is power. Three things you should know:

  1. Be realistic about deadlines. What you think should take a month often turns into six months pretty fast.
  2. If you are networking on a daily basis, you are more likely to a job faster than someone who isn’t able to spend as much time as you are. Time is everything.
  3. Persist. Even if responses are lukewarm in the beginning, continue pushing. Some of our biggest success stories have come from people who continued to barge ahead inspite and despite everything.

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This is your Second Act. Let’s begin.